As with other consulting services, agriculture consulting requirement is surely expected to grow with coming days. People with experience and knowledge in a specified field of farming activity can consider offering consulting services to organizations and farmers.

India, a country of unique environmental heritage and blessed with nearly all types of agro-climatic zones from the extreme cold of Himalayas to the hot desert in Rajasthan, from mountains that rise to eight thousand meters, to a coastline of more than seven thousand kilometers. India while owning the place with the highest rainfall in the world and the largest riverine island, in a way is a microcosm of the world in terms of the diversity of natural resources and ecosystems. And hence all types of farming systems are practiced here and almost every crop that the world grows is grown in India and the same goes with livestock management.

Realizing the enormous potential of agricultural expertise that India has, backed by the world’s largest research organization, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which employs almost 30,000 technical personnel in over 100 specialized institutions, Indian expertise in research, education, extension, farm solutions, institution building and agribusiness can be delivered to almost every country in the world to meet their requirements and contribute towards sustainable agriculture development.

Agriculture can bring holistic development around the globe but it throws unique challenges while awaiting creative and committed solutions. We realized that indispensable need of the hour is a common platform for convergence of expertise and an specialized delivery vehicle to implement any project at grass root level. While MoUs are signed at Government levels or between the Government and donor institutions, the implementation is often far from what is envisioned. So, initiative was taken to launch International agriculture Consulting Group(IACG) in collaboration with Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD), Food and Agriculture Council (FAC) and India’s nationally renowned agriculture knowledge business organization, Concept Agrotech Consultants Limited (CACL), which is playing an active and vibrant role since 1994 in conceptualizing and leading knowledge led developments in food and agriculture sector. The Group also has strong linkages with various agricultural universities, Indian agribusiness industry and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research to mobilize top level expertise to deliver solutions to developed and developing countries while understanding their major concerns towards sustainable agriculture and food security.

IACG as a specialized delivery agency aims to step in for implementation of projects and programs in food and agriculture in support to government and various funding agencies. IACG focuses on providing sustainable agriculture development through micro and macro national agriculture planning, policy perspective, organized research, extension infrastructure and institutional set-up, value addition and market linkage services, farmers training for entrepreneurship development being ONE STOP SOLUTION platform to achieve Integrated Rural Development globally through agriculture.